Understanding and applying research skills in projects 2018-2019

Understanding and applying research skills in projects 2018-2019

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This 1.5 day workshop is designed to show you the impact you can have on the world by using and further developing your research skills. As a PhD candidate, you will spend the next years deeply exploring a given scientific field, but in the same time you will be unconsciously working on the research skills highly valued in research-related jobs, and far beyond those. Starting your PhD is the right time to become aware of your current level, so you can understand which skills you can start using immediately to help your research team, as well as which skills would need some more training before you finish your PhD.

The workshop consists of highly interactive team-based activities, where you will get to know yourself and your colleagues better, and explore the power of collaborative interdisciplinary work. Make sure you are fully ready for this unique immersive experience, of what it means to be a researcher working on crucial and complex problems in interdisciplinary international teams, and how to maximise the impact of your PhD training to help you succeed in your careers in France or abroad.


1st 4h session – team formation, creativity exercises, and introduction to research skills

2nd 4h session – presentation of the global problem, R&D of the solution in teams

3rd 4h session – preparation of the presentation with solutions, peer evaluations, self-reflection on skills development

Compétences développées

  • remember the essential research skills shared among all PhD candidates and researchers
  • understand the importance of transversal skills in professional setting
  • apply the research skills to tackle an interdisciplinary problem related to sustainable development
  • present a team project proposal that showcases the research skills applied to address a global issue
  • analyse the learning experience from the perspective of the research skills development

Tamara Milosevic has been developing learning-through-research courses for the last 7 years after finishing her Ph.D. in interdisciplinary life sciences. Her main goal is to design the learning experience where students (and life-long learners!) gradually develop research and transversal skills and increase their understanding of life sciences. Recently she co-founded Rhizome Association, which promotes the vision of future education, based on active learning, skills development and interdisciplinary projects in science, arts and civic engagement. The goal of Rhizome Association is to develop and implement educational programs and interdisciplinary projects, focusing on sustainable development goals. She is an independent consultant in pedagogical innovation since 2015, and has been teaching at the undergraduate level since 2012.

  • Email :  tamara@inscied.com
  • Dates : 14 mars de 09h00 à 17h00 et 15 mars de 09h00 à 13h00
  • Lieu : Université Paris Diderot – 75013 Paris
  • Durée de la formation : 1,5 jours
  • Nombre de jours validés par le Cfdip : 1,5 jours

  • Pré-requis : Initiation + B2 level of English. Any background, B2 level English, some experience with online collaborative work, some experience with Sustainable Development Goals
  • Public visé : Doctorants
  • Effectif : 20 personnes