Certificate in Business and administration 2017-2018

Certificate in Business and administration 2017-2018

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Although Research and Academia is still in France a prominent career for PhD candidate, they can now move into a wide range of occupations and careers sectors. There is now a more comprehensive evidence of the value of doctoral students for society at large.

PhD graduates have many transferable skills that make them attractive to companies and employers. Students often take those skills for granted, but are in high demand by employers. Skills include creative thinking, problem solving ability, self-motivation, time management and team work. In other words, they are more professionally mature.

PhD students have a lot to offer. But they need to be able to confidently identify, articulate and also complete their skills, if needed. This is the purpose of the CBA.

The clear trend for companies to become more research oriented is opening opportunities for new, secure and well paid jobs in private as public organizations as well.

Doing a CBA program at CFDIP is an interesting way to boost chances of landing a non-academic job. CBA is a unique opportunity to design a career option outside academia. Each year the CBA concentrate a rich panel of students of more than 20 nationalities from 32 PhD schools. A year cohort usually count 60 PhD Students.


CBA is designed as a continuous professional training course provided in English language.

Doing the CBA will provide rock solid business acumen, completing PhD shared skills with hard and soft valuable knowledges in :

  • Marketing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Competitive strategy
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Stress, conflict management and assertiveness
  • Corporate ethic.

Additionally, this program offers a chance to build a network of professional contacts. Trainers intend the CBA as an intense and fun experience.

CBA is a two stage process. Ideally, CFDIP recommends PhD students to follow the first step during their second year (D2) and the second step in their third year (D3).

The first step is a 7 days session, hold late June – early July. The second step is a 5 days session hold in February of the following year. Prior each session, students will have to deliver a pre work.

The first session offer the opportunity to get trained with CAPSIM Inc. Business Simulator providing an unforgettable learning experience. The second session will give to the students the chance to be intensively challenged to high flying consultants, trainers, business executives and formers PhD students.



Certificate in Business Administration from a performative point of view :

« My name is Giulio, I’m a PhD student in performance studies in Paris 3 university. 3 years ago I founded my own theatre company, for which I’m working as a director and dramaturge. I had no leadership experience before, so I’m learning by doing: managing people and projects, organising the work, planning, communicating… Slowly, I’m developing these skills, together with my associates. But there is a whole part that is still Chinese to me: financing, fund raising and selling.. This one week of CBA experience pointed out useful information to me. In one hand, it made me aware of the skills I’m developing by leading my theatre company. In fact, by working in team with the other members of the CBA group I realized that communication could be nowadays one of my best skills. This doesn’t mean I do not have to improve it, on the contrary: as I like it, it’s a field that I could develop even outside my company, in other domains. On the other hand, CBA showed me that some skills I don’t have are fundamental to lead a company: this means that, to make my company efficient, I should find people who could deal with those skills. In the end, the most important lesson of this CBA session is for me the team work: how to deal with it, organise and share tasks, take advantages of all the different competences in the group. I was lucky to have skilled partners, who work in completely different fields than mine, and still find a synergy between us. I would like to thank all the organisers: you have a done a very good job. I guess will really see the results in the future. »
Giulio Boato (Université Paris 3 La Sorbonne).


More than 10 people are going to offer their contribution to this unique training program.

The CBA program coordinators are :

  • Dr. Pierre GIRARD, p.girard@basic-mc2.com, business advisors and management trainers is in charge of stage 1
  • Dr. Amandine BUGNICOURT, formation@adoc-tm.com, expert in PHD recruitment and Associate at “ADOC Talent Management” will coordinate stage 2.

CFDIP is providing the appropriate learning environment.

This certificate is open to all students studying in any field of the 32 doctoral schools from Sorbonne Paris Cite.

  • Session 1 : From Monday July 3 to Wednesday July 12, 2017 – Fiche inscription
    Registration deadline : April 30, 2017 (admissions results in may 2017).
  • Session 2 (only for PhD students who have followed the session 1) :
    « Project Management » Path : February 8-9-10 then 14-15-16-17, 2018 + final cocktail February 23, 2018 at 16:00
    « Innovative Entrepreneuship » Path : February 13-14-15 then February 20-21-22-23, 2018 + final cocktail February 23, 2018 at 16:00

Applicant must submit with the following to send at px.girard@gmail.com  

  • full bio – mostly written in English
  • short motivation letter (1 page written in English)
  • Fiche inscription” /Application form – compulsory signed by the doctoral school
  • Certificate of level of English language are welcome (IELTS TOEFLE ….)
  • The completed application form will indicate clearly “university email address” – “private email address” and student phone number


  • Location : University Paris Diderot 75013 Paris
  • Duration of training : 7 days
  • Days validated by the Cfdip : 7 days

  • Audience : This certificate is open to all students studying in any field of the 32 doctoral schools from Sorbonne Paris Cite.
  • Staff : 60 students